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Bristol is a city located in the South West England and is 10th largest population in the United Kingdom. The city borders with famous cities like Bath, Gloucester and South Wales. History of the city goes back to the 11th century when settlement was developed near the River Frome and River Avon. Bristol also known as the place at the bridge, received a royal charter. It also was one of the city that prospered in the Industrial Revolution. 

The city is surrounded by South West England reflecting it historical past. The city is famous hub for artists and activists. You can walk on famous streets, mingle with the locals, cycle on green mountains, and hike to discover the nature. 

Bristol is one of the famous and most diverse destination for food. The city offers ethically sourced and seasoned ingredients, vegan restaurants, and other world cuisines. The city also famous known as "Famous Hotspot" by the Good Food Guide. There are many Michelin starred restaurants making it one of best gastrohub.The city is also famous for hosting events like British Dal Festival, Food Connections and many small events. Bristol is also known as UNESCO City of Film. It is home of BBC Natural History Unit, Aardman Animation, Cinema and Events. Every year the city hosts diverse programme, festival and event all around the year. It hosts world's biggest festival of silent-movie comedy. Some famous festivals are like Afrika Eye, Bristol Bad Film Club all along the year. TV favourites like Sherlock, Doctor Who, and many more were also filmed in the city. It also fascinates people through it muscial creativity and innovation and is birthplace to many famous artists. Many musical exhibition, theatresm museum, and galleries host dynamic exhibitions all year around. 

Bristol was famous trading port back in 11th century and it was listed in many chronicles. In early 18th century the harbour was transformed into Floating Harbour. The harbour faces one of the highest tidal ranges in the world and the new harbour was built to handle the growing size of ships. It makes the harbour as one of the most visited harbours for tourists. You can rent a boat or purchase a tour to visit the surrounding islands and regions. 

The city is lined with some of the oldest building lined along the cobbled street reflecting its true character. You can discover more about the city by booking scenic tours. Bristol is also a place to discover vintage clothing shops and jewellery. The city is also famous for wine and brewers. These brewers are in the business for more than five generations and can serve wines from historical cellars. The city is also famous for its Nightlife that are LGBTQ friendly. 

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