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Located on the shores off the Adriatic Sea, Brindisi is a port city and commune in the Puglia Region of Italy. Known as the Gateway to the East, Brindisi has been an important port city since ancient times. It is now a trading and transport hub. Because of its central location, the city is a great place to visit. You can easily reach some picturesque towns nearby like Ostuni, Monopoli, and Alberobello. This beautiful city has a population of around 100.000.

Brindisi appeals to many people with its magnificent cathedrals, fascinating museums and other significant historical buildings. There are several places where you can discover the cultural history of Brindisi, including San Giovanni Al Sepolcro, the Monument to Virgil, Vasche Limarie, Torrione dell’Inferno, Monumento Italian Sailors, and Palazzo Granafei Nervegna. Besides these, Basilica Cattedrale della Visitazione San Giovanni Battista, which is one of the most visited places in the city, is located on Piazza Duomo, which is the historic street in the city centre of Brindisi. While walking along this street, you can see many impressive buildings built in Romanesque architecture. If you are one of those who love history, you won’t want to go back home.

Brindisi is among the destinations described in Jules Verne’s novel called Around the World in 80 Days. The city has charming nature with its sandy beaches, lovely parks and beautiful gardens. While natural parks and gardens like Parco Comunale Cesare Braico, Parco Antonio, and Parco Urbano del Cillarese are the favourite places for nature lovers, fine beaches, such as Punta Penne Beach, Hemingway Beach, Oktagona Beach, Palm Beach, and Spiaggia Mezzaluna, are indispensable places for lovers of the sea, sand and sun.

Brindisi is home to some interesting national celebrations and events that attract many people from Europe. One of the most popular national celebrations is Processione del Cavallo Parato, which is also known as Procession of the Decorated Horse. The Festival of the Sea is also one of the most colourful events held in the city. If you visit the city during these festivals, you should definitely not miss them.

Brindisi invites you on new experiences. With its unique atmosphere, this city will offer you an unforgettable trip. What are you waiting for? It is time to feel outstanding beauty.

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