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Bremen is a large, busy port and industrial city in Germany. The city is one of the leading port cities in the country after Hamburg. It is the capital of the state of Bremen. It is located on the banks of the Wasser River in the north-west of Germany, approximately 77 kilometres inland from the North Sea. Bremen is the eleventh largest city the country with over 600.000 inhabitants. Bremen, one of Germany’s three city-states after Berlin and Hamburg, is known for being among the country’s most hospitable places. It's also one of the leading cities of Europe in terms of science and technology, home to many major companies. This beautiful German city is regarded as the cultural city of the region. In addition, Bremen is the inspiration for the Bremen Town Musicians.

Bremen attracts attention with its colourful history and cultural heritage. There are many impressive building in the city centre, from magnificent monuments to excellent museums. That’s why the city offers a wide range of attractions to history and culture lovers. Schnoorviertel, Bremen Roland, Glockenspiel, Overseas Museum, St.Petri Dom Bremen, Haus Schütting, Böttcherstrabe and Am Wall, for example, are among the places to see. Besides these, Rathaus, which is one of the finest in Europe and part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, is one of the most visited places in the city centre and the most important symbol of the city. This great German city is also home to a great number of lovely streets. The most popular of these is Bremen Mitte, which is the main street of the city. Bremen Mitte is known as the heart of the city in public. Market Square is also very popular for shopping lovers with many boutique shops and elegant cafés.

In Bremen, major festivals are organized ever year, which make the city even more vibrant. The most notable of these are Musikfest Bremen, Horn to be Wild-Festival and Festivalgelande, among others. If you are in Bremen at these times, you should definitely attend these great festivals. Because Bremen has a lively nightlife, many bars and night clubs are full of people until the first lights of the day.  The city of Bremen is also an ideal place to shop, eat and socialize. In particular, it has many concert and theatre halls.

The attractive city of Bremen has the power to fascinate people with its unique beauty. It offers many options for nature lovers. There are a great number of parks and gardens, namely Wallanlagen, Knoops Park, Botanical Garden Bremen, Waller Park, Muhles Park, Manke Park, Rhododendron-Park Bremen, Stadtwald and Hohentors Park. These parks and gardens are full of fresh roses and other flowers. While walking around these places, you will be fascinated by the scent of these lovely flowers.

Bremen is sure to offer you a nice trip. With its picture-perfect natural environment and remarkable heritage, the city is a must-see. So, get ready for breathtaking experiences in Bremen. This perfect German city invites you.

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