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Situated in northern Spain, Bilbao is the largest city in the region of Biscay. Built near the Nervion River, Bilbao is an important port city. Thanks to its location, it is of great importance for Spain in terms of commerce. It is a large city with approximately 400.000 inhabitants, most of whom have migrated there from different parts of Spain.

The people of Bilbao are prosperous as a result of the location of the city, and the day-by-day growing wealth of the city draws many people to Bilbao. As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain, Bilbao offers a wide range of attractions and activities for people. It draws attention particularly with its buildings, great cathedrals, regional museums and attractive streets.

If you want to experience the life in and learn about the culture and history of Bilbao, you should definitely visit the following places: The Artxanda Funicular, San Juan Gaztelugatxe, the Bilbao Fine Art Museum, the Guggenheim Museum and the Cathedral of Santiago. We are sure that you will love these places, and enjoy the activities held there.

The first bridge at the mouth of Nervion River and one of the top UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Biscay Bridge, commonly known as the Hanging Bridge, is definitely worth seeing. One is bound to fall in love with the magnificent view from this wonderful structure.

Bilbao appeals to many tourists from all age groups with different interests with its beauty and the extraordinary diversity of experiences it provides. Nightlife and entertainment facilities are world-class. There are many famous bars and clubs in Bilbao, namely Café Bar Bilbao, Abadia del Gin&Tonic and Kubrick Bar&Club.

With its breathtaking beauty, Bilbao will offer you a pleasant trip experience. By the way, don’t forget to stop by Las Arenas. While walking there, you will see many unforgettable picturesque landscapes. It is time to feel sheer beauty. Bilbao is waiting for you right now! If you want to learn more about Bilbao, let us know!

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