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Located in the North of Ireland, Belfast is the largest city and the capital of Northern Ireland. It is a cosmopolitan city with an approximate population of 300.000. The city provides its visitors many options in terms of business, transportation and even education. It is an impressive city with historical buildings, interesting museums, parks and bazaars.

Belfast is also famous for its street art coupled with its historical buildings and museums. Get ready to be surprised at each step by the diversity of street art, be it a colourfully painted wall or coloured paving stones.

It is a good idea to discover Belfast on foot which would let you experience the sheer beauty of the city including a refreshing break with a cup of tea in The Belfast Castle.

The most populous and famous square in Belfast is Donegall Square. With its stylish restaurants, nice cafés and gift shops, it has been the centre of attraction for many tourists. The square is more crowded in the evenings compared to the mornings.

In Belfast, there are a great number of places worth seeing, namely St. George Bazaar, Botanic Garden, Crown Liquor Hall, Casemant Park and Ulster Museum. In some of these places, there are historic structures that have been well-preserved for many years.

It is hard to find someone who has never heard of the ship Titanic. This famous ship was constructed in Belfast, so Titanic Boat Tours are organized in the city. If you go to Belfast one day, you should definitely join the tours.

It will be a nice experience to visit Belfast, which is very attractive all year round. Every corner of the city is waiting for you with mysteries to unlock. What are you waiting for? Discover every corner of this beautiful city.

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