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Beirut is the capital and largest city of Lebanon. It is situated along the Mediterranean coast at the foot of the Lebanon Mountains. It is a cosmopolitan city in the country with more than 2 million inhabitants. This great city is the commercial, financial and political centre of Lebanon. It is also one of the oldest cities in the world with its historic attractions. The city of Beirut is known as “Paris of the Middle East” because of its limitless beauty and countless possibilities. It is an important tourist destination in the Middle East thanks to its vibrant cultural heritage and intellectual life-style.

The city of Beirut is called “the historic garden of Lebanon” due to its stunning historical sites. It is home to a great number of historical places, such as great monuments, fascinating museums, splendid castles, ancient mosques, and magnificent cathedrals. For this reason, the city is regarded as the lively cultural centre of the country with its rich history and artistic heritage. Remember to visit Sursock Museum, Beit Beirut, Roman Baths, La Mansion Rose, Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque, Saint Nicholas Stairs, Beit Ed-Dine Palace, National Museum of Beirut, Our Lady of Lebanon, Grand Mosque, Ziade Palace, and Saint George Orthodox Cathedral to explore the colourful history of the city.

The city of Beirut especially attracts attention for its bright streets, known for their elegant restaurants, little cafés, and traditional shops. These streets are also home to some significant historical structures. It is highly recommended to visit Martyrs’ Square, known as “Al-Burj”. It is regarded as the historic public square of Beirut because of its historical importance. Besides this street, Nijmeh Street is one of the largest and impressive squares of the city. Situated in the middle of this square, Place de Etoile, which is known as one of the oldest towers of the country, is considered as the main symbol of Beirut. These beautiful streets are the best destinations in the city for history and culture lovers.

Beirut has distinctive nature with various interesting places to visit. It is full of beautiful natural landscapes. If you want to feel peaceful and relaxed, the city’s lovely parks and gardens are ideal places for you. You are advised to see Horsh Beirut, Sanayeh Park, Herbal Garden, Khalil Gibran Garden, and Mouawad Garden. Along with these parks and gardens, situated on the sea, Pigeon Rocks are very famous for nature lovers. Highly recommended!

Beirut is a very dynamic city with lots of choices for entertainment. There are a wide range of bars and clubs in the centre of the city. Especially, Downtown District, Ashrafieh District and Hamra Street are the most popular nightlife destinations in Beirut with its world-famous bars and night clubs, namely Skybar Beirut, One Beirut, and Iris Beirut. This great city also hosts some major events like local festivals and special celebrations held throughout the year. The most notable of these are Beirut International Jazz Festival, Beirut International Film Festival, One Big Sunday, and Bacardi Nights.

Beirut is a perfect city that represents the tastes of Lebanese cuisine very well. Do not leave the city without trying the following dishes: Manakish, Kaek, Sambusek, and Tabbouleh. By the way, Zaitunay Bay, sits on Beirut Marina, is famous for its stylish restaurants.

Beirut will definitely offer you a memorable trip experience. Leave behind the sorrow and visit the beautiful city of Beirut. What are you waiting for? It is time to feel sheer beauty.

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