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Avignon is located in south-eastern France on the bank of the Rhone River. The city has a population of 90,194. The city is sure to enchant you with its magical aura. Once you entrance you in the city, you will not like to leave the city. You see the sights or spend days wandering the neighbourhood, you will never get bored. The city of Avignon is full of history and life. Its capital is Vaucluse and the Cotes du Rhone, is also the famously known for art, culture, cinema, museum, big stores and shops. 

In Avignon you can find from medieval street to private mansions dating from the Renaissance era. The city has web of old and attractive squares with diverse dining opportunities ranging from family-run restaurants to some of the greatest Michelin starred restaurants. The historic city centre, famously known as the Popes' Palace and the Saint Benezet Bridge are designated as world heritage sites by UNESCO.

In the city centre you can find City Hall that was built between 1845 and 1851 over the cardinal palace. Adjacent to the building are 19th century houses, Avignon opera and many other delightful style buildings. One of the famous place is Place de l'Horloge is still the centre of Avignon and is one of the must visit place. Some other places like Notre dame des Doms Cathedral, the statue of the Virgin Mary and Hotel des Monnaies are worth your visit. Nearby there are museums like the Petit Palais and the PAlais du Roure that are not too far from famous Pont d'Avgnon. 

During night, you can enjoy traditional and cultural shows over the terraces that are filled with actors and spectators creating unique atmospher. The city is famous for vineyards and wine with countless Chefs cultivating the culture of art. The city is rich in produce and all the dishes include them. 

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