Top 10 Places To Visit In Amman

The fairy-tale city of Amman welcomes millions of tourists every year with its cultural depth and unique beauty. Would you like to explore this beautiful and mystical city? Of course, there are many reasons to visit Amman. We've compiled the top 10 reasons for you:

1- Amman Castle

The city of Amman, which has hosted many civilizations such as Roman, Byzantine, and Umayyads, offers a cultural feast to its visitors. Amman Castle, with all its splendor, is the center of attention of tourists every period.

2- Roman Ancient Theater

The Roman Antique Theater with a capacity of 6,000 people is one of the most important tourist attractions of the city. This ancient theater, which hosts many concerts and festivals every year, will fascinate you with its architecture.

3- Rainbow Street

There is no better place to feel the vibrant energy of Amman than to shop and stop for a coffee or a meal. Don't forget to buy something from souvenir shops for your beloved ones.

4- Qasr Kharana

Located about 60 km east of Amman, this desert fort is one of the most famous desert forts in the region, with its unique architecture and flawless rectangular shape.

5- King Abdullah Mosque

This blue-domed mosque has a very pleasant ambiance. People of all religions can visit this mosque, which was built with the modern architecture of Jordan. You can also visit the Islamic Museum inside this mosque with a capacity of approximately 3000 people.

6- Roman Temple of Hercules

This temple, which was built during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, has not lost anything from its splendor, although only two columns remain. While you are here, you will witness the beauty of Amman from above.

7- Local Stores of Al Balad

A very lively and bustling place, Al Balad is the city center of Amman. Here you will see how warm and friendly the local people are. Besides shops, markets, and quaint restaurants, you can also walk to places like Nabad Art Gallery, Jordan Museum of Popular Tradition, and National Archaeological Museum.

8- Qasr al-Abd

With its ruins dating back to the 2nd century, Qasr Al-Abed promises its visitors time travel. This archeological Hellenistic building, where the entrance is free, definitely deserves a visit.

9- Iraq Al Amir

It is located 500 meters north of Qasr al-Abd. It is a very interesting archaeological site with its copper age caves and Roman-Byzantine architectural remains. Here, the animal figures carved on the wall will impress you.

10- Royal Automobile Museum

We have a great offer for car enthusiasts. This is a colorful museum that showcases the personal vehicles of previous kings. It is also very suitable for families. It also includes a children's museum. This is a fun place for you and your kids.

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