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Ahwaz is a beautiful city situated on the banks of the River Karoun, in the south-west of Iran, in the province of Khuzestan. It is one of the metropolitan cities in the country with approximately 1.5 million inhabitants. It is among the most significant industrial centres of the country with some major companies. This city is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Iran thanks to its geographical location and limitless beauty. Ahwaz, also known as Al-Ahwaz, is a great city with plenty of opportunities for both culture and nature. For this reason, it is the centre of attention for many people especially from the Middle East.

There are many options for nature lovers in Ahwaz just like many other cities in the country. With its unusual nature, the city of Ahwaz fascinates a great number of people. That’s why it is known as “the home of nature” in the country. If you are keen on nature, you are advised to see Sector Park, Kohrasan Park, Malek Park, Ahwaz-Local Park, and Raah-aahan Park. In addition to these places, Riverside Park, located along the River Karoun, is the most visited destination in the city by nature lovers.

Ahwaz also attracts attention with its cultural heritage and medieval architecture. In this perfect city dominated by works of art, there are a great number of historical structures, from ancient monuments to great temples. You should definitely visit the following places: Historical Sagha Khaneh, Tomb of Ali Ibn Mahziar, Moein al-Tojar, Dadras House, Mapar House, Contemporary Art Museum, and Khung Azhdar. One of the most attractive landmarks in the city, the White Bridge is regarded as the main symbol of Ahwaz. It is also considered as one of the main tourist attraction of the city with its wonderful view.

Ahwaz is a must-see with its bright streets, traditional restaurants, little tea houses, and boutique shops. We are sure that this city will give you a memorable experience. The city of Ahwaz is one of the most fascinating cities in the country with its culinary culture. There are a wide range of local restaurants in almost every street of Ahwaz. The most popular of these are Konjed Restaurant, Green Castus, Tiara Restaurant, Basil Café, Shavadoon Restaurant, and Kam Restaurant, among the others. If you are a food lover, you should definitely taste these tasty dishes: Korma, Tahdig, and Kuku.

Ahwaz has a lot to offer. Get ready for new experiences in this beautiful city. It invites you to an unforgettable trip.

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