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Southern Nicosia is the capital and largest city of Southern Cyprus with roughly 250.000 inhabitants. This city is the administrative and financial hub of the beautiful island of Cyprus. It is also considered as the educational centre of the island with many educational establishments. This great city draws attention with its major tourist attractions like historical places, botanical gardens, and beautiful parks. It is definitely worth-seeing.

The city of Nicosia is one of the important tourism centres on the island of Cyprus. It attracts attention with historical structures, such as great cathedrals, ancient monuments, and interesting museums. The city also has a beautiful old town and Nicosia’s historical landmarks are concentrated around this old town. You are advised to see Cyprus Museum, Byzantine Museum, Leventis Municipal Museum, Ledra Observatory Museum, Venetian Walls, Agios Mamas Church, and Maheras Monastery. The city’s pretty old town is visited by thousands of people from especially Europe each year.

Nicosia provides a limitless diversity of irresistible attractions for visitors with its parks and gardens, including Saint Antony Garden, Acropolis Park, Nicosia Municipal Park, En gomi Park, and Metochi Kykkou. Nicosia’s parks and gardens are ideal places to feel the perfect nature of the city. These places are definitely worth-visiting.

Nicosia is also at the forefront with its bright streets. The most famous streets of the city are Ledra Street, which is the traditional shopping district of the city, and Stasikratous Street, which is home to many famous brands. These streets are also known for their stylish restaurants and coffee shops. Meanwhile, the most popular restaurants in the city centre are Piatsa Gourounaki, Christakis, Siver Pot, Kathodon, and Shiantris, among many others.

The city of Nicosia fascinates many with its entertainment facilities. It has a lively nightlife. This city is especially famous for its taverns. There are also a great number of bars and clubs in the city centre, namely Patio Cocktail Bar, Ithaki, Haratsi, Berlin Wall, Pieto, and Rew Fellas. In addition, the city is the centre of attention with its major events, such as festivals and fairs. The most notable events of the city are Aglandjia Festival, Pharos International Chamber Music Fest, and Ledra Music Festival.

The city of Nicosia is sure to impress you. It is a perfect destination for remarkable discoveries with the many opportunities it offers. What are you waiting for? Nicosia invites you on a memorable trip.

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