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Medan is a beautiful city situated on the north coast of the island of Sumatra, in Indonesia. It is the capital and largest city of North Sumatra Province with more than 2 million inhabitants. Medan is regarded as “one of the four major central cities of the country”, after Jakarta, Surabaya, and Makassar. It is one of the most prominent coastal cities in Indonesia. The city of Medan is known as “ the colourful capital of North Sumatra” because of its excellent opportunities. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country with its historical and cultural significance. The city of Medan is definitely worth seeing.

With a great number of attractions, it offers to people of all ages, the city of Medan welcomes thousands of tourists each year, who prefer Medan to have a great time with their family or friends. It draws attention with its annual festivals and big celebrations, the most notable of which are Medan Film Festival, and the Lake Toba Festival. If you are in Medan during these festivals, you won’t regret taking part in them. Besides the city’s festivals and celebrations, it is the centre of attention with its lively nightlife. The city is alive day and night. There are many world-famous bars and night clubs in the centre of the city, namely The Tavern, Naga3 Beer House, Prime Bar, Cava Lounge, SoHo, Medan Club, Retrospective, and Level 02. The city of Medan is also famous for its wine houses. The most popular of these is The Vintage Wine House. Highly recommended!

Medan is well-known for its culinary culture coupled with its entertainment facilities. That’s why it is called “ the wonderful food city of the region”. The city of Medan is a heaven of culinary with its tasty dishes, including Mie pangsit, Bakso, Nasi goreng, and Sate padang.

The city of Medan offers a wide variety of attractions to millions of people with various interests; for example, Great Mosque of Medan, Gunung Timur Temple, Maimoon Palace, Sri Mariamman Temple, and Tjong A Fie Mansion are among the must-see places for history and culture lovers. Nature lovers, on the other hand, should not miss Lumbini Natural Park, and Bukit Lawang. In addition to these magnificent places, do not leave without seeing Sipiso-Piso Waterfall. The city of Medan is sure to fascinate you with its artistic heritage, sheer beauty, and pleasant atmosphere.

Medan is waiting for you right now! Get ready for new experiences in this beautiful city. What are you waiting for? It is time to feel extraordinary beauty.

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