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Madrid is the capital of Spain, official residence of King of Spain, and house of Spanish Government. Madrid is also known as Villa y Corte and "Bear and the Strawberry tree". The name originated back in mid-thirteenth century. Madrid is one of the bigges tcity in the country with more than 3 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area. A modern metropolitan city, Madrid is inhabitant to more than 3.5 million people and is also economical and industrial hub of Spain. It is located in the centre of the Iberian Province and is surrounded by mountains and greenary. The city is also the gateway to all cities across Spain connected by train, road or air. 

The history of the Iberian Peninsula dates back to era when it was occupied by Moors. It was a famous settlement and region that was ruled by Romans and Muslims. During both reigns it was a political and economical hub. Madrid also paved to Europe. It was also an industrial capital that restricted increase in the population but after World War II it became key market attracting many people from rural areas. Now it is house to headquarters of many industries from metallurgical to pharmaceutical companies. 

Although it does not have luster like Paris and Barcelona but Madrid has an architectural history providing a sneak peak into glorious history of the city from medieval era. The buildings have unimagined angles with contemporary architecture. They have sober brickwork and design giving an aura to this beautiful city. 

The city is famous for cultural and historical attractions. There are great monuments, royal palace, statuettes like famous places as museum Del Prado, Reina Sofia that showcase famous painters like Velazquez, Goya, Picasso or Miro. It also has two huge amusement parks for children. One of the main park in Madrid is Parque del Retiro with beautiful lakes and magnifcent monuments. For unique and antique gifts you can visit Rasto flea market that is also open on Saturday and Sundays. The place is regular destination for international concert and other activities. It is also near popular skiing destination that is bustling with tourist in winters. 

Madrid has diverse range of clubs and restaurants that can satisfy wide range of taste buds. It is also world fashion centre where you can buy top quality clothes from the high-end areas like Almirante and Conde de Xiequena. One of the most sought product is leather foods and shoes. If you are interested in buying shoes and leather goods then you should head to district of Salamanca. 

Madrid has evolved into one of the richest culinary hub of Europe and World. The whole city is enveloped with creativity and gastronomical revolution. Spainairds have maintained their tradition of eating experience and cooking traditions. Madrid is one such hub that showcase infinite variety of food. From tapas to fine many other tasty bud, Madrid is heaven for genuine pleasure. 

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