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The city of Kuwait is situated in the north-west of the Persian Gulf. It is the capital and largest city of Kuwait with an approximate population of 4 million. It is one of the most beautiful capital cities in the Middle East because of both its geographical location and star attractions. This metropolitan city is the political, economical, and industrial centre of the country. In addition, Kuwait City is known as the home of the country’s colourful history and culture thanks to its historic sites. For this reason, it is among the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East with all its beauty.

The city of Kuwait, the country’s main tourist attraction and a must-see place in the Middle East, attracts attention with its beautiful landscapes. There are a great number of extraordinary parks and pretty gardens in the city. These parks and gardens are ideal places to feel the unique nature of Kuwait City. If you are a nature lover, you should definitely see the following places: Al Shaheed Park, Jamal Abdulnasser Park, Public Garden, Bayan Botanical Garden, Khiatan Park, and Salmiya Park.

Kuwait City is one of the most fascinating cities in the country in terms of history and culture. It draws attention with its excellent museums, magnificent monuments, and other significant historical structures. For history and culture lovers, the following places are definitely worth-visiting: Grand Mosque, Kuwait National Museum, Sadu Museum, Seif Palace, and War Museum. Along with these wonderful places, Souk Al Mubarakiya, which is one of the most preferred destinations in the city for culture lovers, is a must-see. It is also called the traditional bazaar of Kuwait City. There are many local shops, little restaurants, and tea houses. Needless to say, it is always full of people.

With its varied architectural styles, the city of Kuwait offers you all the best in one package. It is famous for its imaginative works of architecture. For example; Kuwait Towers are the most distinctive landmarks of the city with splendid views. It is also considered as the main symbol of Kuwait City. You should definitely see these magnificent towers if you visit the city one day. Highly recommended! Meanwhile, there are a great many famous streets in the city which are both modern and historic. These streets are great places to explore the city’s culture and history.

The city of Kuwait also fascinates people with its traditional cuisine. There are a wide variety of elegant restaurants and cafés on each street of the city, which let you taste the country’s local dishes. If you want to try the city’s specialities, you will love the following dishes: Machboos, Quozi, Jireesh, Margoog, and Harees, coupled with some dishes from all around the world served in restaurants. By the way, there are many opportunities for shopping in the city of Kuwait. From modern centres to back streets, there are boutique shops everywhere.

It will be a valuable experience to visit Kuwait City. Every corner of the city is waiting for you with mysteries to unlock. You will leave with wonderful memories. What are you waiting for? The city of Kuwait invites you.

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