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Kefalonia is the largest island of the Ionian Islands in Greece. It is also one of the most populous islands of the country with approximately 40.000 inhabitants. Located in the heart of the Ionian Sea, the island of Cephalonia is one of the most magnificent places of the country. The capital city of the island is Argostoli, which is also the biggest town of the island. Argostoli is a beautiful town built around a hill. It is the most attractive part of the island with limitless facilities. Kefalonia is worldwide famous for its scenic beaches, dramatic landscapes, and tasty food. The island welcomes thousands of people from all over the world each year thanks to its natural beauty.

Kefalonia is known for its refreshing tastes of Greek cuisine. Many elegant restaurants throughout the island serve a great variety of local food. The most popular restaurants of the island are Tassia, Ampelaki, Ionio, Apagio, Avra, Da Veronica, Captain Jerry, Drosos Tavern, Elli’s, and Lorraines Magic, among many other. Do not leave Kefalonia without tasting the following meals: Kreatopita, Riganada, Aliada, Soumada, and Mandoles.

It is possible to see some historical structures on Kefalonia, reflecting its beautiful architecture. For example; Monastery of Panagia Agrilion, Katavothres, Sami Acropolis, Basilica of Fiscardo, Memorial Acqui Division, Saint George’s Castle, and Saint Spiridon Church are definitely worth-visiting.

The island of Kefalonia enjoys the lovely climate, which is quite favourable throughout the year. However, people generally prefer to visit there in the summer. So, it hosts a great number of tourists from all around the world every summer. The island is sure to give you an pleasant experience with its sandy beaches, such as Myrtos, Antisamos, Makris Gialos, Skala, Lourdas, Foki Fiskardo, Platis Gialos, Petani, Emblisi Fiskardo, Minies, and Eglina.

Kefalonia is also home to various events like festivals and celebrations. It is a 24/7 dynamic island. The island attracts even more people during the events, the most notable of which are Robola Wine Festival, and International Music Festival, besides many others. In addition, there are many lovely bars and night clubs in the island. Fiscardo is the most known nightlife destination in Kefalonia with many facilities. The capital city of the island, Argostoli, is also very popular for enjoyable nightlife with modern bars and clubs. Meanwhile, the most famous bars and clubs on the island are Averto, Captain’s, Costa Costa, Le Passage, Zanza, and Loft.

Kefalonia provides a limitless diversity of irresistible attractions for visitors with its parks and botanical gardens, namely Centropark, Botanical Garden of Kefalonia, Ainos National Park, Wild Nature Park, and Ainu Park. Its parks and gardens are wonderful places to feel the unique nature of Kefalonia.

The island of Kefalonia will fascinate you at each step, so do not forget to add a visit to Menorca to your to-do list. The beautiful Greek island invites you. Get ready for new experiences.

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