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Everything went perfectly. My flight number changed due to the delay of the connecting flight, and the company was able to quickly adjust the transfer. Online support and service at the highest level.

Mikhail Schöttler
22.11.2022 22:37:15

Thank you very much for excellent service!

Levin Anton
16.11.2022 11:11:59

Excellent service, we are so glad that we hired them. The driver was on time, courteous, and friendly.

Chris Beletsis
14.11.2022 13:48:36

Very efficient and professional service. At the arrival it was easy to find the person in charge. Good service

11.11.2022 15:00:52

Very good! Super engaged and even caring about us getting our cruise ship! Smaller car but absolutely ok and the prize for almost three hour drive more than fair. Manager contacted us through WhatsApp sot hat it was easy communication. Very friendly

K*** K***
09.11.2022 19:31:21

Perfect punctuality, fair price

O*** T***
07.11.2022 12:08:25

Thanks to be on time! There was a marathon in Istanbul this sunday, but it was no problem to be on time.

J*** D***
07.11.2022 08:51:18

M*** C***
07.11.2022 05:19:36

Great service best for value perfect timing

M*** I***
06.11.2022 15:59:04

Professional company that follows up its customers. Very reasonable prices. What else could you want

06.11.2022 12:47:41

Everything went fine, car is equipped with large screen TV, soft drinks provided for free. Driver arrived to the hotel as requested, he also helped to find the right terminal at the airport as terminal number wasn't indicated on my travel ticket. Recommended!

A*** S***
06.11.2022 10:44:18

L*** R***
04.11.2022 14:20:32

one of the best , accurate timing, nice drivers

Mohamed Alketbi
02.11.2022 12:03:31

The driver was punctual and was safe on the road despite the heavy traffic. We made it for our flight in time.

Alexander Tan
02.11.2022 07:06:55

There was some confusion at the airport arrival as I had some difficulty finding the representative meetings us. There was no WhatsApp to me beforehand unlike previously. The driver made the effort to bring us right to the hotel despite the narrow street and was safe on the road. There was some further confusion on arrival at the destination as the hotel claimed I had not yet paid for the transport but I did online via credit card - the driver did not seem very clear about this.

Alexander Tan
02.11.2022 07:04:35

The drive was punctual and helpful with our bags. He was able to find the hotel despite the narrow street and was safe on the road. We managed to catch our early morning 6 am flight in time.

Alexander Tan
02.11.2022 06:58:59

5 minutes late at pick up but more than 5 minutes early at the airport

R*** L***
01.11.2022 20:00:38

Driver was very polite and car was clean and comfort.

Rain Peerandi
30.10.2022 18:49:02

Although we have ordered just midnight of the previous day, this agency was very kind to me. One of us needs help, the guide assist him and arrange the route very flexible. Coffee is fine, and lunch is also fine, the guide is very kind and skillful.

Yosuke Murakami
27.10.2022 20:57:21

24.10.2022 15:15:40

S*** S***
11.10.2022 08:45:05

Antalya City Tour was great. Thank u. Me and my family really enjoyed it.

Supreet Singh
10.10.2022 09:58:01

Everything was perfect on the Bosphorus tour... and breakfast is also included in the price. I recommend it to everyone, reasonable price & high quality.

P*** S***
05.10.2022 14:15:40

Totally amazing. Dogan really went out of his way to assist. A real memorable experience. Keep it up

Farhana Jhatam
23.09.2022 00:22:35

This company is well worth using; the car is lovely and clean and the driver was very nice. Met us at the airport on time and picked us up on time; my friends used them the following day for a trip to the airport; excellent service.

Millie Garrett
19.09.2022 20:01:33