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Fabulous service

K*** C***
31.03.2023 09:30:57


D*** D***
30.03.2023 20:12:56

The driver arrived exactly at the ordered time. He was very willing. The car was confortable, clean. The ride was pleadant.

M*** J***
29.03.2023 20:01:00

A great service

Roy Jeffrey
29.03.2023 09:26:48

A Very good service I will certainly use it again once back in there

E*** G***
27.03.2023 17:58:43

Easy to book. Easy and very responsive on WhatsApp. Very well priced at 40 euros for a 5 seater luxurious Mercedes van. You are collected from exit gate 9 by staff and taken down 1 level where your car is either waiting or arrives very quickly. Our driver,Hayitian, I think was his name, was superb. Welcomed us warmly, loaded our bags, advised us of the drive. As we arrived to the old city, he started pointing out places of interest, local favourite establishments, answered all our questions patiently. Bear in mind if your hotel is in the small side streets of Sultanamet, sometimes the driver cannot get to your hotel door. We had to walk 2 minutes with bags, but quickly understood why it was not possible to get us to the hotel entrance. Tranigo do other transfers all over Turkiye as well as tours. I can happily recommend this service. They are taking us back to the airport too.

Ravi Chhugani
25.03.2023 23:51:16

Très bon Contact (échanges) en amont sur WhatsApp. Ponctuel, sérieux, prix correct, aucun souci . Je recommande et je reprendrai ce Service.

25.03.2023 23:37:22

Evereything was ok.

M*** J***
25.03.2023 22:29:20

Very easy to use. Driver was on time to pick me up and the drive was very smooth. Highly recommended.

J*** M***
25.03.2023 21:40:20

Uludag and Bursa tour was great thank you. A little advice if you are going to Bursa: dress warmly😊

Dk Noorismawarni Pg Hj Ismail
17.03.2023 09:31:24

It was my last day as a solo traveler in Istanbul. I decided to join the Bursa tour and I think it was the best day of my trip :)

R*** N***
16.03.2023 10:48:58

We have taken four transfers to or from IST airport in the past month. Apart from a few minutes delay on each arrival at IST the taxis have been prompt. For the hotel pickups the drivers kept the hotel informed as to arrival time which was reassuring. I would recommend as an economical and efficient service.

R*** M***
15.03.2023 20:31:06

First of all, I would like to say that I did not expect it to be this good. Thank you to our guide and the whole team. I had a great day.

A*** S***
15.03.2023 02:46:53

Good service. Easy communication.

Gil Machado
13.03.2023 08:18:19

I am really impressed. I wish we could have spent more time in Uludag. However, the Bursa tour is definitely worth it.

Alif akbar Tarmizi
12.03.2023 16:33:11

We had less than 4 hours to get from Istabul's Ataturk International Airport to Sabiha Gokcen interrnational and knew it was going to be tight - but then our plane was delayed for 2 hours leaving the UK because of snow and ice! Our driver got us there by driving fast but safely and we made our onward flight! Receiving a video showing us exactly where to go at the airport is such a simple but great idea we were left wondering why others don't do that! Thank you for an excellent service. Bob

Robert Blake
11.03.2023 09:53:49

100/100. Strongly recommend

Faayz Khan
09.03.2023 21:58:13

5 star on all accounts. The WhatsApp followup service is phenomenal and everything was smooth and organised. TRANIGO will be my only car booking service.

Yahya Ibrahim
05.03.2023 11:31:43

I was travelling alone as a woman with a small kid, so I was a little worried how to get to the hotel easily. However, this transfer made it easy from the very start. The booking process is very simple and you don’t even have to pay in advance, if you prefer to pay directly to the driver. The fee was by far the cheapest on the market. The driver picked us up right at the airport exit and a big welcome sign, perfectly easy to spot. He was on time already waiting. He had a very modern and comfortable car and drove us very safely all the way to the hotel. He even carried the bags inside. I have been travelling the world for three decades now, this was by far the best transfer I have ever had and I warmly recommend it to everyone!

Nina Metz
04.03.2023 21:12:54

I recommend Bursa tour. It is kid friendly and affordable. You won't be disappointed.

Tarek Topppozada
03.03.2023 20:26:08

We enjoyed the day long tour to the Bursa City. They took us to the top point of the mountain, there we played in the snow and had fun on the open cable car.

F*** A***
03.03.2023 20:20:31

We participated in a trip to Bursa with a group of 20 people. Bursa Tour was great. Thanks! Deserves a 5 star for the excellent services they provide.

N*** N***
03.03.2023 16:06:04

Absolutely perfect! I will always recommend this company!

L*** T***
28.02.2023 17:22:29

Our experience was 100% satisfactory. We received a video a few days before showing us where to meet the driver. They were on time, helpful and courteous. We took a while longer in customs than expected but they waited patiently. I would recommend them to anyone.

M*** R***
28.02.2023 00:16:47

Thank you. Excellent stuff.

25.02.2023 20:19:20