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Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia. Situated in the north west of the country, the city of Zagreb lies along the banks of the Sava River. This city is the political and administrative centre of Croatia. It is also the most-populous city of the country with nearly 1 million inhabitants. Zagreb is known as the Young Capital of Europe because of its dynamic life style. It is one of the cosmopolitan cities in Europe with entertainment and shopping facilities.

Zagreb is a vibrant city with its cultural heritage and colourful history.  The centre of Zagreb is divided into two parts: Gornji Grad, also known as Upper Town, and Donji Grad, called Lower Town. Gornji Grad attracts attention with its historic attractions, such as magnificent monuments, medieval cathedrals, and sumptuous palaces. This part of the city has a great historic value attached to it and is literally a tourist’s paradise. Donji Grad, on the other hand, consists of shops, restaurants, cafés, and excellent museums. As an attractive city, Zagreb will offer you many spectacular sights. There are a great deal of places to visit in the city; we strongly recommend the following: Zagreb Cathedral, Saint Mark’s Church, Mirogoj Cemetery, Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb Orthodox Cathedral, Stone Gate, Art Pavilion, Holy Mary Monument and the Tower of Lotrscak. The city of Zagreb is definitely the cultural hub of the country with its distinctive landmarks.

The perfect nature of Zagreb is always ready to give you an exhilarating experience. It attracts a great number of people from especially Europe thanks to its extraordinary beauty. This city has plenty of forest areas, parks, and scenic mountainous regions. You are sure to feel peaceful and relaxed while visiting the following national parks and botanical gardens: Zagreb Botanical Garden, Zrinjevac, Mount Medvednica, Maksimir Park, Bundek Park, Pond Park, Josipa Jurja Strossmayera, and Plitvice National Park are definitely worth-visiting. Let peace of nature motivate you!

Zagreb, where the unique atmosphere is easily felt while walking through the tree-lined streets, is a must-see. There are two main squares of the city. Located in Zagreb’s Upper Town, Ben Jelacic Square, officially known as Trg Bana Jelacicam, is the busiest square in the city. There are many restaurants and cafés on this square, where you can taste the tasty food of Croatia. Situated near the Art Pavilion, the King Tomislav Square is also very popular with its decoration. It is decorated with trees, flowers, and benches. There are also some coffee shops and clothing shops on this square.

Zagreb is a very dynamic city with lots of choices for entertainment. There are wide range of bars and night clubs in the city centre. Especially, Tolkien’s House, Dezman, Bacchus Jazz Bar, Route 66, Mocvara, and KSET invite you on enjoyable nights. In addition, this great city hosts some local festivals, including Dance Week Fest, Fantastic Zagreb Film Fest, INMusic Festival, and Queen Trophy.

Zagreb is waiting for you right now! It guarantees an unforgettable trip with all its beauty. Get ready for fresh experiences in Zagreb. It invites you.

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